Lisa Peters


Friday, September 23, 2011

In NY & grinding!!!

Wow summer is finally over & I am back in New York!
I had an AMAZING summer with my friends & family.
Home is truly where the heart is, but the time comes when I have to get back on my grind & get my music finished! 
Times Square

For the past two weeks I have just been singing non stop, getting back in shape & working.
Very soon I'll be in the studio! 
Can't wait, I'm so excited & I'll make sure to keep updating!

Got this message the other day on Facebook from a girl who saw me perform at The Tramore Fest in Ireland! (I didn't include her name for obvious reasons) Anyway I thought it was REALLY sweet so I decided to share it!! Appreciate all of the support.

 hey lisa,girl from tra fest
you keep f*cking rocking it
  • u r unreal
  • you got it all hun
  • u got the balls
  • you got the looks
  • and
  • more then anything you got the talent
  • dont ever give up babe
  • i did what you did bout 5 yrs ago
  • i looooooooooooooove to sing
  • and write my own songs
  • but i gave up
  • travelled
  • and now i forget how to get it back
  • but when i saw you,you amazed me
  • for real
  • and u added me
  • i remember thinking when i saw you
  • she is gonna me MASSIVE
  • d only person that will stop you
  • is you
  • so just dont ever stop
  • ever
  • you will get there.f*ck the haters f*ck the bullies you have f*cking work it girl

  • u know you have it so just go for it.dont let it go.i honestly except to see your name in shiny lights
  • go get it girl
  • peace
  • x